Gavin Lardner

This website is the initiative of Gavin Lardner. It started out as an educational project assignment in undergraduate studies. The exegesis covers more about that. However since its earlier days there have been some orientation changes. Since 2019 this site was orientated to a collection of notes and references that help new enterprise startups discover digital marketing, media, business and technology resources, updated from time-to-time as they are discovered.

From Gavin Lardner:
Initially the 2019 orientation update of this site was for the benefit of myself (the owner), as a quick access online repository of notes and references to guide my way in enterprise development. But being in the creative art and information industry, I felt a need to share all this publicly. I feel some gratification if my contribution helps others.

My own enterprise development effort, branding and product can be found at http://www.gavinldigital.com. I am focussed on producing sponsored audiovisual stories for enlightenment and education, coupled with sponsor brand promotion.