E-commerce marketplace—Amazon.com

While audio, visual and written textual creativity plays a huge part in the digital sphere…namely represented by an internet of websites and email, so to does marketing. This includes not only what is said or written, but also audience targeting and reviews on program success.
There is an ever-growing number of applications to monitor traffic flows and responses to interactivity. With saturated market places, discovering how to be seen is just the start. Next you need to discover how to convert visitor numbers to sales figures.
Lets face it, the world is moving toward online trading. Market places have sprung up that allow sellers to set up online shop fronts sharing the marketplace e-commerce systems.
First we had shopping centres that rented out space to retail outlets, leaving the retail outlets to look after their own product lines and sales systems, then Franchising came along where the product line, advertising and promotion was all provided by the franchisers, leaving the retailer (franchisee) to look after the sales system.
Now the online marketplace adds a further dimension, where the retailer looks after their own product line and some of the advertising and promotion, but are locked into the marketplace sales system. Amazon is probably one of the biggest online marketplaces of this type. As they provide the digital platform and the e-commerce sales system they have a say in their branding (as a marketplace) and on the conditions of trading through it.
To run a retail trade through such marketplaces requires a bit of learning, particularly to the rules and terms the marketplace imposes. For those interested in trading through Amazon.com, here is an insight to some of the challenges.

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