Reporting Scams

Ever received an E-mail offering you the possibility of disciplinary action from an organisation that asks for your personal details to confirm you understand the situation. Perhaps a friendlier one offering you some kind of reward, or even an unbelievable one offering the possibility of huge rewards, like your entitlement to unclaimed estates, competition winnings, or investment returns left to you that require you to respond with some personal details, even if it is only your email address?

There is a very good chance it is a scam, aimed at establishing current on-line communications with you to further work on you, gaining your confidence in its’ legitimacy and getting more personal information from you, which may also lead to asking you to outlay money as fees, fines, investment, purchases, or other. Scammers want your money, either through theft after gaining enough personal information to access your accounts, or through social engineering, getting you to spend it yourself, on their bogus products, services, or adventures–better termed misadventures.

If you think anything like this has been sent to you, you can report it to learn of its’ legitimacy. It may take a little time, but it will take the risk out of anything you are about to get involved with. If you are pressured with a time constraint, forget it! If it can’t wait, let it go! Don’t accept greed over risk. If it appears to be a legal action against you that you suspect is fake, consult with a legal aid organisation. Here are some sites where you can report suspected scams to:


Scamwatch index

The Australian Investment & Security Commissioner (ASIC) website Fido lists all companies holding an Australian financial services license and contains a list of blacklisted (banned) operators.


RCMP Scams-Fraudes
Canada online


Consumer fraud reporting
Hot scams

New Zealand

NZ Police
Consumer affairs


Consumer Protection


Internet Fraud
report phishing

How to Do a Free Background Check on Anyone—US database

In the USA, court records, inmate records, sex offender records, vital records (and a lot more) are all in the public domain and free to access – if you know where to search!

Most sites will charge you for access to a database of public records sources – but you can get the goods on anyone for free by using’s Free Background Check Wizard

If you know of such services for other countries let us know via the comments link here.


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